Cheng Xiang (Chase) Dai

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General Manager, Stem Cell Business Unit

Cheng Xiang (Chase) Dai, D.M.Sc.

Dr. Dai is a specialist in cardiology with over 15 years of clinical practice and more than 10 years of corporate experience, including pharmaceutical, biomedical, and executive management as CEO at MedGene Biotechnologies, Director for Clinical Research at China Beike Stem Cell Technologies, Medical Director, Venturepharm Group Ltd (a public company, HKEx) and Deputy Chief Physician in the Cardiology Department at 301 PLA Hospital.

Dr. Dai received his Master degree in Cardiology from Henan Medical University and his Doctor of Medical Science degree in Cardiology from the Postgraduate School of 301 Hospital, PLA. Dr Dai has received numerous science and technology awards and published over 30 peer reviewed scientific papers, 4 patents as a co-inventor and co-authored 2 books.