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Cellular Biomedicine Group Technology Platforms

In order to expedite fulfillment of patient treatment CBMG has been actively developing technologies and products with a strong intellectual properties protection, including haMPC, derived from fat tissue, for the treatment of KOA, COPD and other indications. CBMG has also been actively engaging with world leading scientists and companies, to develop Immune Cell Therapies for Cancer.

CBMG’s proprietary and patent-protected production processes and clinical protocols enable us to produce raw material, manufacture cells, and conduct cell banking and distribution. Applying our proprietary intellectual property, we will be able to customize specialize formulations to address complex diseases and debilitating conditions. CBMG has been developing disease-specific clinical treatment protocols. These protocols are designed for each of these proprietary cell lines to address patient-specific medical conditions. These protocols include medical assessment to qualify each patient for treatment, evaluation of each patient before and after a specific therapy, cell transplantation methodologies including dosage, frequency and the use of adjunct therapies, potential adverse effects and their proper management.

Once the trials are completed, the clinical data will be analyzed by a qualified third party statistician and reports will be filed by the hospitals to regulatory agencies for approval for use in treating patients.