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Immune Cell Therapy, Adoptive T cell

cancer t cell

Adoptive T cell therapy for cancer is a form of transfusion therapy consisting of the infusion of various mature T cell subsets with the goal of eliminating a tumor and preventing its recurrence. In cases such as cancer, where the disease is unique to the individual, the adoptive T cell therapy is a personalized treatment.

We believe that an increasing portion of healthcare spending both in China and worldwide will be directed to immune cell therapies, driven by an aging population, and because immune cell therapy treatments could become a safe, effective, and cost-effective method for treating millions of cancer patients.

Cancer diseases are major threats to public health and the solvency of health systems worldwide. Current treatments for these diseases cannot meet medical needs. Immune cell therapy is a new technology that has the potential to alleviate much of the burden of these chronic and degenerative diseases in a cost-effective manner.