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Our Technology

We are focused on developing and marketing safe and effective regenerative and cell-based therapies based on our cellular platforms, to treat serious injury and degenerative diseases including cancers, orthopedic diseases including osteoarthritis and tissue damage, various inflammatory diseases and metabolic diseases. We have developed proprietary practical knowledge in the use of cell-based therapeutics that we believe could be used to help a great number of people suffering from cancer and serious chronic diseases.

Our technology includes 2 major cell platforms: Stem Cell and Cancer Immune Cell

The unique lines of adult adipose-derived stem cells and the immune cell therapies enable us to create multiple cell formulations in treating specific medical conditions and diseases, as well as applying single cell types in a specific treatment protocol. Our facilities are certified to meet the international standards NSF/ANSI 49, ISO-14644 (or equivalent), ANSI/NCSL Z-540-1 and 10CFR21, as well as Chinese CFDA standards CNAS L0221. In addition to standard protocols, we use proprietary processes and procedures for manufacturing our cell lines, comprised of:

  • Banking processes that ensure cell preservation and viability;
  • DNA identification for stem cell origin chain of custody; and
  • Bio-safety testing at independently certified laboratories.




来源于成人脂肪的干细胞以及免疫细胞治疗技术的独特产品线使我们能够在治疗特定医疗状况和疾病,以及在特定的治疗方案中创造出多种细胞组合方案,以及在特定治疗方案中使用单细胞类型。我们的设施符合NSF / ANSI 49、ISO-14644(或同等标准)、ANSI / NCSL Z-540-1和10CFR21等国际标准以及中国CFDA标准CNAS L0221。除了标准协议,我们在制造我们的细胞系时,采用了以下专有流程和程序:

  • 细胞库流程确保细胞的保存和活力;
  • 干细胞起源监管链的DNA鉴定;
  • 在独立认证实验室进行生物安全检测。