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Investor FAQ

We intend to continue our business development effort by adding other proven domestic and international biotechnology partners to monetize the China health care market


Where is CBMG located?

CBMG has its corporate headquarter offices and an R&D facility in Rockville, Maryland, USA. We also have offices across Asia, including offices in Hong Kong, manufacturing facilities in Wuxi, China and an international-standard protocol-compliant R&D and manufacturing facility in Shanghai, China.

What are CBMG's products?

We are a biopharmaceutical firm engaged in the drug development of immunotherapies for cancer and stem cell therapies for degenerative diseases.

Where are CBMG’s target markets?

CBMG’s primary target market is Greater China. We are also expanding into the global market by seeking international strategic collaborations in the U.S. and abroad.

What is CBMG’s fiscal year and corresponding quarter-end dates?

CBMG operates on a fiscal year that runs from January 1 to December 31. Quarter-­ends are: March 31 (Q1), June 30 (Q2), and September 30 (Q3).

Who is CBMG's transfer agent?

The Company’s transfer agent and registrar for the common stock is EQ, part of Equiniti Group

What is the Payout process for shares, following the delisting on February 19, 2021?

Stockholders of record who are entitled to the merger consideration will receive a letter of transmittal and instructions from EQ Shareowner Services on how to surrender their share certificates in exchange for $19.75 per share. If a stockholder has not received communication regarding surrender of shares, they may call EQ Shareowner Relations Department at 1-866-877-6270, or email For shares deposited with a bank or broker, please contact your bank or broker directly regarding payout of those shares.